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Sporades – special!

Wanting to offer an affordable package – we have created a special offer for our Sporades 8 day cruise.

The yacht is Oceanis 423 Clipper, with four 2-crew cabins for a total of 8 persons, plus the skipper.

The prices for the whole 8 days of cruising are:
2,900 euros for renting the whole yacht (with up to 8 persons, plus skipper).
This costs under 365 euros per person for an 8 person crew.

If there are fewer persons, we could try and combine a crew out of several smaller groups, so one, or two persons don’t have to pay for the whole yacht renting.

In this case, the cost would be 800 euros per a 2-person cabin.

For the details on what is and what is not included in the price, see our page with prices for sailing in Greece.