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Sporades – 8 days

There aren’t many nicer adventures than sailing Greek islands and there’s no more ideal place for sailing than Sporades islands

Sporades are Greek islands in the northwest part of the Aegean sea. Placed near the Pagasitikos gulf, below the beautiful Pilion mountain. They are blessed with unique beauty and an ambient of green landscapes and crystal blue water, perfect for sailing. Greek islands Sporades consist of three main islands and around 20 smaller ones.

The largest islands are Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonisos. We are offering you an 8 day cruise plan, during which we’ll visit some of the most beautiful beaches and hidden beauties of these islands.

Renting a yacht with a skipper is the right choice for an exciting adventure and joy that can be experienced when sailing the Greek islands. We promise you that the excitement and the pleasure of Sporades will be unforgettable and you’ll always be wanting to return to its charms.

This cruise plan is our proposition of how to arrange sailing, but of course it can be customized to suit your wishes and changes can be arranged with the skipper on board. Prices for this program can be seen on our page: Sailing Greece – prices.

1. Saturday: Volos – Trikeri

  • Volos – boarding the yacht at 16:00 hours, meeting the skipper, getting supplies, validating sailing documents, departure from Volos.
  • Sailing towards Trikeri, in Pagasitikos bay, spending the night there.

2. Sunday: Trikeri – Skiathos

  • In the morning we continue the cruise for the island of Skiathos.
  • Morning swimming on one of the most famous Skiathos beaches: Banana Beach, tour around the island, with evening spend in the Skiathos port.
  • Night out in one of the most beautiful Greek and Mediterranean islands, followed by our second night on the yacht.

3. Monday: Skiathos – Skopelos

  • Skiathos. Morning departure and visit of hidden beaches and bays on Skiathos, that offer their charms only to the experienced sailors who know how to find them.
  • Swimming, sunbathing, full day enjoyment of the beauties of Skiathos island.
  • In the afternoon – we set sail for Skopelos. After a night out, we’ll be spending our third night on the yacht in Skopelos.

4. Tuesday: Skopelos – Kira Panagaia

  • Skopelos, enjoying the beaches of the magical island where Pierce Brosnan and Meryl Streep filmed “Mamma Mia!
  • Afternoon cruise to the island of Kira Panagia, where we are spending our fourth night on the yacht.

5. Wednesday: Kira Panagaia – Alonisos

  • Kira Panagia – an island of untouched nature and beauty. Whole day spent swimming in the clearest waters, pleasant surprises waiting in discovery of this hidden Aegean sea pearl.
  • In the afternoon we sail for Alonisos, for our fifth night.

6. Thursday: Alonisos – Skiathos

  • Alonisos, setting sail and visiting beaches of this lovely Greek island, known for being the habitat of sea otter, that lives only in the clearest waters.
  • In the evening, we sail to Skiathos, for the night.

7. Friday: island Skiathos – Trikeri

  • Skiathos. Morning for swimming on the famous Skiathos beach: Kukunario.
  • Afternoon – sailing on to Trikeri. Night on the yacht.

8. Saturday: Trikeri – Volos

  • Breakfast, packing, departing for Volos at 10:00.
  • Saying good bye – until the new adventures!

More details about the Greek islands of Sporades

East Skpelos and Alonisos are a part of the Greak sea national park, an area of rare biodiversity. Skopelos is the place where sea turtles are born, while Alonisos and the magical Planet island in the North are the residence of a rare Mediterranean otter Monachus-Monachus. All this makes the Sporades cruise even more exciting – with all its sea caves, beautiful bays, it awakens and exploring spirit and shows all the charms of sailing.

Kira Panagia island was named after Holy Mary, in Greek. Peace and beauty of this place are exceptional. A very popular docking site is near the Saint Peter’s rock, but all the other places on the island are also marvelous. You can make sailing excursions to the nearby rocks, or even sail to the northern bay of the island, with an impressive narrow entrance, and confirm to yourself how good the idea of renting a yacht with a skipper was. Rich nature, both above and below the sea level, will fill your free time, your memories and, above all, your soul.

Note: swimming, diving and making photos and sailing in Greece are allowed of course everywhere, except in parts that have special protection. They are allowed in all the areas of the sea national park Northern Sporades, except the western coast Kira Panagia, island Liour northeastern of Kira Panagia and island Piperi, east of Kira Panagia.

Charms that cruising the Greek islands of northern Aegean brings aren’t the only joys within your grasp. You must experience the gastronomic enjoyment of famous domestic pies and, if you enjoy fresh fish and sea food, you are at the perfect place, because tasty fish, masterfully prepared, is served in traditional Greek taverns.

From deep, clear waters, to small caves and endless sandy beaches, approachable only via sea, this sea national park offers you unforgettable moments of summer that only a cruise like this can provide. Greek islands of Sporades are blessed with lovely and calm weather during the entire year. Summers are hot and sunny, with meltemia (northern winds) in July and August to help sailors in their adventures.

Don’t miss the other important attractions of Sporades:

  • Skiathos: protected water reservation of Strofilia lake, colossal white rocks of Lalaria beach and unique beach Kukunario.
  • Skopelos: remains of ancient Roman baths in Loutraki, swimming the crystal blue waters and famous domestic pies and candy.
  • Skiros: home made china and wooden sculptures, Ahili bay, from where Achilles went to the Trojan war.
  • Alonisos: unique lonely beaches, tasty local specialities such as home made pies, stuffed squid, fried figs with honey, with the famous Mediterranean otters (Monachus Monachus) in the National park Alonisos.