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Sailing in Greece and Greek islands - about the yachts, skipper and sailing in general

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Sailing Greek islands – one of the most beautiful adventures on water

No matter how far inland we live, there is something in the sea that keeps calling us. It is wide. It is deep. It is blue. Sea is a canvas on which we can paint adventures that could never be experienced on land. OK, you probably don’t have your own private yacht waiting to take you to the far off shores? Or you can’t sail a yacht? That is not an obstacle to enjoy sailing the Greek islands. Renting a yacht with a skipper resolves you of all these problems. Board a yacht and the adventure can begin. We recommend some of our programs for cruising the Greek islands. There, beautiful shores, blue sea and island village ambient are waiting for you. We have left the sea billions of years ago. Isn’t it the right time to return to it? Sailing and Greek islands are the most beautiful way to do and experience that.

Return to the sea - sailing in Greece...
Return to the sea – sailing in Greece…

Sailing is a type of sea navigation using the force of wind. But sailing in Greece is more than just a skill. It is an experience that can only be felt, being impossible to fully describe with words. Yet, try to imagine the wind in your hair and small drops of water splashing around you, as the boat cuts through the waves carried by the fully open sails that are harnessing the power of wind, travelling towards a beautiful island. Or imagine relaxing rocking on the waves while you are enjoying a cruise, choosing which beach to visit. Swim in all the colours that the sea can offer you. Sense the smell of recently caught fresh fish that is being prepared on the yacht. Let the sea and the stars above it fill your night in a distant, beautiful bay. Exciting plans for further sailing and calm beauty of Greek islands will nicely rock you to sleep each night, with a new adventure awaiting in the morning.

Swimming on beaches that can be reached only from the sea can be a special pleasure
Swimming on beaches that can be reached only from the sea can be a special pleasure

Cruising the Greek islands in search for a new, lovely beach that can only be approached via a boat is a great pleasure, but you could also enjoy other beauties of sailing. Greece is a land of history, myth, hospitable people, beautiful restaurants and places to go out. In agreement with the skipper, you can always get to know Greece in this aspect as well.

Sunset on the sea, on a sailing boat...
Sunset on the sea, on a sailing boat…

You’ve seen the azure sea colours of Greece many times in postcards and travelogue brochures, but even the most stunning pictures can’t transcend the real life beauty. Exploration of Greece by sailing gets you in touch with its special side that you would have otherwise missed.

But we must warn you. You probably know the strong inner feeling of belonging, when one is surrounded by untouched nature. That feeling is even stronger on the water – deeper and more enchanting. Time passes differently on the water. Don’t be surprised if you forget which day of the sailing it is, along with all your problems. See will become a part of you in a different way and you will be wanting to return to it.

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Memories for life
Memories for life