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On a yacht

What to bring

To make this sailing in Greece more pleasant, it is best to bring the following:
A light, soft bag, or a backpack.

For clothing, apart from a swimming suit, t-shirts, shorts, sun-hats and sunglasses, it is good to carry some “warmer” clothing: track-suit, sweatshirt, a wind jacket (at night it can get colder on a yacht) and something for nights out in towns. No need to carry a lot of clothes.

For footwear, bring sneakers with white soles if possible (coloured soles leave marks on the sailing boat) and some slippers. It is good to have two pairs of sneakers, in case one pair gets wet.

Sunscreen with a good protection factor is advised, because both the sea, yacht and the white sails reflect sun rays and make them practically stronger.

Mouth organ, recorded music, fishing equipment…

If you wish to bring food, make sure it’s “dry, long lasting” (cans, dry meat, canned meals, soups etc.). It is usual to go for a larger shopping for supplies on the first day, then buy the things that get used/spent, or have a short expiration date (like fresh meat and fish). Yacht is equipped with a gas stove, fridge and cooking dishes.

In addition to a passport and personal documents, it is advisory to have a travel insurance policy.

For powering mobile phones, tablets, cameras etc, bring a charger that works with 12 Volts (like chargers used in cars). When we are connected to a marine power jack, or if a yacht has an inverter (not every yacht has it), it is possible to use “an ordinary” 220 V charger.

Towels and personal hygiene accessories.

From medication you can bring the ones you otherwise normally take for vacation, and perhaps add nausea medication just in case.

And good mood…

Yacht crew with a skipper - "in action"
Yacht crew with a skipper – “in action”