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Cyclades – 15 days

Cyclades are a group of Aegean sea islands. Together with Sporades and Crete they make the Aegean archipelago. Aegean sea is the cradle of two great ancient civilizations: Mycenaean and Greek, so these regions, besides lovely sea and beaches, have lots of monuments from the long past times… sometimes in places where it’s least expected. Sailing as a way of travelling offers a great degree of liberty and opportunity to approach shore parts that are hard to reach from the land, so sailing the Cyclades archipelago offers a unique experience that remains in the memory for life.

Plan of the 15-day Cyclades cruise

Fefteen days is enough time to visit all the greatest islands of the archipelago, with enough time to enjoy each visited place, as well as spend lovely days sailing the Aegean sea. Mykonos and Santorini are only a few of the beauties that can be seen. Short list of the cruise plan is the following:

  • 1st day: Alimos – Athens
  • 2nd day: Athens – Cape Sunion (27 miles) – Kitnos (25 miles)
  • 3rd day: Kitnos – Siros (30 miles)
  • 4th and 5th day: Siros – Mykonos
  • 6th day: Mykonos – Paros
  • 7th day: Paros – Antiparos
  • 8th day: Antiparos – Ios
  • 9th day: Ios – Santorini – Oia
  • 10th day: Oia – Folegandros
  • 11th day: Folegandros – Milos
  • 12th dan: Milos – Kimolos – Sifnos
  • 13th day: Sifnos – Serifos
  • 14th day: Serifos – Athens
  • 15th day: disembarkment at 9:00

Short description of each cruise day:

1th day: Alimos – Athens

Alimos harbour is “invented” for all those who want to join sailing with sightseeing. First day of arrival can be combined with a tour of many ancient monuments, followed by a dinner with a view of Acropolis. At the end of the day, enjoy a cocktail on the deck.

2nd day: Athens – Cape Sunion (27 miles) – Kitnos (25 miles)

We get up early and sail 27 miles to the Cape Sunion. A view of the Poseidon temple from the top of the Cape Sunion brings memories of the Greek mythology. Swimming, light lunch, then continuing sailing – 25 more miles to the island of Kitnos and the lovely Kolona beach, suitable for night docking. We will visit the beautiful village of Hora.

3rd day: Kitnos – Siros (30 miles)

We sail for 30 miles to the island Siros – the administrative island of the Cyclades archipelago. We can visit the lovely taverns and cafes in the harbour and enjoy a pleasant walk in the town.

4th and 5th day: Siros – Mykonos

Popular Mykonos, either loved, or hated. Many “jet-set” people visit it. Models, “party animals”, best beaches, good atmosphere, beach bars, night clubs…

Second day on Mykonos is planned for “recovery”, with swimming on the beaches of Elia and Paradizo.

Tour of the small islands of Delos and Rinia.

6th day: Mykonos – Paros

We sail to the beautiful Santa Maria beach on the island of Paros. Water sports and wimming. In the evening, we can visit the most famous Aegean fishing town Naus and enjoy the famous tavern Tsachpinis, with “Ouzo” and local “Gouna” fish (cleaned, then left in the sun with spices, only then baked).

7th day: Paros – Antiparos

Sailing to the Antiparos island, adored by the actor Tom Hanks. Continuing the cruise to the near Despotiko island, swimming in crystal clear water of the island beaches, with barbecue on the sea shore. Where we will anchor and spend the night.

8th day: Antiparos – Ios

Ios island – the “Greek Ibiza”, with beautiful beaches with bars and various water sports.

9th day: Ios – Santorini – Oia

Cruising around the fairytale like island of Santorini, then going to the island Oisa, visiting a picturesque fishing village Amudi. For the night we dock in Vlychada harbour. Nearby place Fira has some good night clubs.

10th day: Oia – Folegandros

Small, nice, blue and white island Folegandros. Made famous by the film “Mediterraneo”. Excellent food, relaxed atmosphere – ideal for couples.

11th day: Folegandros – Milos

Vulcanic island of Milos, lots of rocks and sea caves where we can dive. A place from which the famous pirate ships of Barbarossa were waiting in an ambush to attack merchant frigates.

12th day: Milos – Kimolos – Sifnos

On the 12th day we’ll be going to Kimolos and swim at the Bonatsa beach, then to the island of Poliagos, to swim there as well. The day is finished with a sail to the Sifnos island, renowned for its cuisine.

13th day: Sifnos – Serifos

Serifos is an island with beautiful, deserted beaches and lovely view from the main town on the island.

14th and 15th day: Serifos – Athens

Returning to “base”: Alimos port, Athens. The last night on the ship. Saying goodbye, mingling on the deck. Disembarkment on the next day at 9:00.