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Ionian sea – 8 days

Ionian sea is an elongated gulf of the great, warm, Mediterranean sea. It stretches from Greece to Italy, but most notable islands on it are Greek (Corfu, Cephalonia, Lefkada, Zakynthos and Ithaca – the birth place of Odyssey).

Rough plan of Ionian sea and its islands cruise encompasses the following destinations:

  • 1. Saturday: Lefkada, boarding
  • 2. Sunday: sailing around Lefkada
  • 3. Monday: Lefkada – Cephalonia
  • 4. Tuesday: Fiskardo – Sami
  • 5. Wednesday: Sami – Gostoli
  • 6. Thursday: Cephalonia – Ithaca
  • 7. Friday: Ithaca – Megalisi
  • 8. Saturday: Megalisi – Lefkada

More detailed cruise plan description is given below:

1. Saturday: Lefkada, boarding

Boarding the yacht in Lefkas, on the Lefkada island. Yes, we are starting from an island, but one can reach Lefkada by land using a moving (floating) bridge that connects it to the Greek mainland.

Boarding is planned for 17:00 hours. During the day one can validate the documents in the local port, get to know the crew, collect supplies and prepare everything for the next days departure. In the evening, one can go out and see the island, have a drink in local taverns, followed by the first night on the yacht – which is a special feeling.

2. Sunday: sailing around Lefkada

Sailing starts with a tour of Lefkada island. A visit to the Porto Kacikas beach, highly renowned for its beauty. Followed by a tour of a fisherman village Vasiliki – favourite wind-surfer destination. There we will anchor and spend our second night.

3. monday: Lefkada – Cephalonia

We set sail for Cephalonia, where the day can be spend bathing on picturesque island beaches. In the evening, we will dock near the village Fiskardo, the “Greek Saint-Tropez”. Here it can happen to see world celebrities sitting at a table next to you, because they often come here. After a night out, sleeping on the yacht and the rocking of waves is refreshing.

4. Tuesday: Fiskardo – Sami

Cruise continues to the Sami village. In this place, a large part of the film “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” was recorded. Besides beautiful placees shown in the film, we will also visit some hidden, notably the Melissani cave, with a lake inside of it. In Sami we’ll spend our fourth night.

5. Wednesday: Sami – Gostoli

Gostoli is the largest town of the Cephalonia island. It offers some spectacular views during the day and unforgettable nightlife.

6. Thursday: Cephalonia – Ithaca

After having explored the magic of Cephalonia, we’re setting the course towards Ithaca – Odyssey’s birthplace. A day devoted to sailing, sea, with a night in village Kikoni, on Ithaca.

7. Friday: Ithaca – Megalisi

Departing from Ithaca to Megalisi. With waves and the wind in our sails, we will pass Onassis’s island Scorionis. Swim on the beaches of Megalisi, with the evening and sleeping near the town Nidri.

8. Saturday: Megalisi – Lefkada

At the break of dawn, anchor up and sailing for Lefkada. Before noon we’ll arrive in our starting harbour – Lefkas. Sharing impressions and experiences over a late breakfast. Around 10:00 we’ll pack our things and say goodbye – to the next meeting and adventures.